• A Dog's Life Photography provides professional pet photography services and royalty free animal stock imagery to private and commercial clients. By licensing images directly through us, you are helping to save the lives of homeless animals by funding our rescue group photo program. Our stock photos mainly consist of pets in foster care through local animal rescue groups. We provide complimentary photos for adoption ads to these groups to help the animals find their new forever homes.

    We are based out of Photo Fusion Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona but our animal stock photography has been used on pet products, packaging, cards, calendars, websites and publications around the world. See some of work in action by visiting this link.

    Think your pet has what it takes to be a star? If you live in the Phoenix area, 100,114,111,112,32,117,115,32,97,32,108,105,110,101enil a su pord to let us know why. We may use them as a model on future projects.

Luna the American Staffordshire Terrier

Meet our newest pet stock photography star, Luna.

A friendly American Staffordshire Terrier dog sitting and holding a sign saying Please Adopt Me (A Dogs Life Photography)

She came to A Dog’s Life Photography for her adoption ad glamour shot yesterday and she did a fabulous job behind the camera. She’s a great model!

 (Susan Schmitz)

She’s also a very sweet and happy girl. Her foster-dad told me all about her and how well she adapts to new situations. She had it “ruff” before she was rescued when someone kept her chained up on a porch outside. In her new foster home, she is enjoying the luxuries and loves lounging on top of pillows on the couch.

 (Susan Schmitz)

She is very appreciative of her new life filled with love and attention.

 (Susan Schmitz)

Find out more about her and how you can adopt her through Poverty’s Pets by clicking here.

 (Susan Schmitz)


Several of Luna’s photos are available for royalty-free stock photography usage licensing at www.ADogsLifePhoto.com.

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Best Pet Friends

At A Dog’s Life Photography, we specialize in making pets look like they are BFFs.

Grey Parrot holding a red rose in its beak and giving it to a pretty cat (A Dogs Life Photography)

Although our pets don’t always seem to get along…

An upset Basset Hound dog sitting next to a playful cat that is stealing his food (A Dogs Life Photography)

In the magical world of Photoshop, we know how to make them come together.

A cute medium size mixed breed dog and a beautiful long hair cat sitting together and looking up in the same direction off to the side (A Dogs Life Photography)

Our conceptual pet stock photos tell stories of friendship with a bit of frustration.

A group of pets including a large English Mastiff dog laying down next to a playful kitten looking up at an African Grey Parrot bird (A Dogs Life Photography)


By licensing our animal images for your marketing needs, you are helping to save the lives of rescue animals in need of new fur-ever homes by funding our rescue group photo program. Most of the animals in our portfolio came to us through Arizona based rescues for complimentary adoption ads. Help us to keep this program running, think of us when you need art for your next pet-project.

Visit www.ADogsLifePhoto.com for more information.

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Our new foster dog

We recently welcomed a new foster dog to our home pack! Her name is Abbie and we think she is a Schnauzer/wire-haired terrier crossbreed. She’s quickly becoming a foster-daddy’s girl. He’s always wanted a pup that could catch a frisbee and she is catching on to it real quick. She’s super smart and has learned lots of new tricks already. All fingers and paws are crossed that she will prove to be a good fit for  our family and will become buddies with our dog Oliver.


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Lost Our Home Foundation

Oh doggie… I have really been neglecting this blog lately! We’ve been so busy photographing rescue animals that we haven’t had time for updates. I had to make the time to share these images though. We recently partnered with Lost Our Home Pet Foundation in Tempe, AZ. They are utilizing our rescue group photo program for adoption ad photos. They will also be featuring many of our images on their marketing materials and website design. Please visit their website at www.LostOurHome.org for info on the many dogs and cats that they have available for adoption.

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